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About EXIA

We are a private and personalized tours and experiences agency created in 2019.
We started our project just before the pandemic and at the time of the pandemic we decided to stop the project since it was not a time to continue in the tourism industry for the safety of us and the travelers.
After the pandemic, we dedicated ourselves to working in the Valle de Guadalupe, which broadened our vision and knowledge of this beautiful place.
We decided to renew our image and start this incredible project again.
We have always cared about every detail in our clients' trips, we want them to have the best experience with us, which is why our booking process may take longer than conventional but it is more personalized.

We know that by getting to know you better we can recommend places that you will love and will make you fall in love with this place, just like us.

We are ready to welcome you!


We are ready to welcome you.
Start creating your itinerary now!

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