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Why visit Valle de Guadalupe?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Did you know that Valle de Guadalupe is positioned as one of the most important tourist destinations in gastronomy? In addition, it is recognized for being the largest producer of Mexican Wine. Two main reasons to visit this charming destination. Ensenada, being the largest municipality in Mexico, has this, its own tourist treasure, where wonderful landscapes and extraordinary sunsets can be enjoyed among vineyards, wine cellars and restaurants, allowing you to enjoy good wine and delicious dishes created by great chefs. The Valley also has fascinating hotels. Designed and created to be in total harmony with the natural environment, offering panoramic views and top quality accommodation. Not for nothing, tourism has increased in recent years in this region, being the favorite destination of many, since in addition to having its vineyards and restaurants, El Valle has history and its 100 years of wine production support it. Valle de Guadalupe is a unique and unmissable space of how much Mexico can offer. First class gastronomy, the best Mexican wines, incredible views and people who embrace their visitors. We are sure that you will fall in love with this special corner. So if you are looking for a different experience, a Mediterranean climate and a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by a good dish and wine, the Valley is your best choice.

The extensive plains that are home to the vineyards make room for a destination that has given this area of ​​Baja California its own identity. The most important Wine Route in the country has been formed there: its Mediterranean microclimate together with the quality of its lands allows it to produce an exquisitely crafted wine. - Forbes México

Visit the best wineries

In Valle de Guadalupe there are around 70 wine houses producing approximately 90% of the wine in Mexico. Traveling this route and visiting its different wineries is an experience full of history, flavor and learning about Mexican wine.

Enjoy the best gastronomy

The Valle de Guadalupe is one of the most important tourist destinations in gastronomy; it has world-class restaurants, making it impossible to come here and not enjoy its delicious food to accompany a good glass of wine.

Live the best experiences

From a private tour to wine tasting, horseback riding, zip lines, helicopter flight, sailboat rides and motorcycle tours. All the landscapes of Baja to enjoy.

Stay among the vineyards

Hotels designed to be in harmony with nature, panoramic views accompanied by the best sunsets and luxury service. You definitely have to stay here.

Have some relaxation time

Can you imagine taking care of the emotional state of your body surrounded by vineyards and incredible landscapes? This should be on your list of things to do when you visit Valle de Guadalupe.


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