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Frequent questions

  • How to take our services?
    We appreciate your interest in choosing us! If you are ready for any of our services, start creating your itinerary, once you send us all your information, we will contact you to schedule an appointment and learn more about your tastes and needs. Then we will send you the itinerary and quote proposal, when you accept the proposal and make your payment we will send you your final itinerary with reservations and recommendations.Before and during your trip you can contact us by WhatsApp for any questions. We are ready to welcome you!
  • How to get to Ensenada or Valle de Guadalupe?
    The closest airport to Ensenada/Valle de Guadalupe is in Tijuana, B.C.You can arrive at the Tijuana Airport and travel by car to Ensenada or Valle de Guadalupe. You can also take a private helicopter from Tijuana to Ensenada.
  • Is it easy to travel by Uber within Valle de Guadalupe?
    Within Ensenada you can get around in Uber but the platform that has the most drivers at the moment is Didi. In Valle de Guadalupe it is very difficult to get Uber and taxis can take time or be very expensive due to the distance to go from Ensenada and back.We highly recommend coming to visit Valle de Guadalupe with a planned itinerary and transportation service. We offer transportationprivate, you can get in touch to start to create your itinerary.
  • How many days is recommended to visit the Valley?
    The Valley of Guadalupe has an extensive list of Restaurants and Wineries to visit.You can visit the main places in 1-2 days but to live an unhurried experience and visit the best places we recommend a minimum visit of 3 days. The time we recommend to be in the Valley depends a lot on the size of the group and tastes, we also recommend you visit Ensenada. Contact us to create your itinerary and receive the best recommendations based on your needs.
  • What is the best season to visit the Valley?
    El Valle is always a good option in any season, but we will tell you about the most important aspects per season so that you can choose the one you most want to experience: You can find the greenest and most beautiful vineyards between June and October.Between July and September you can find a warm climate, it is the highest season for the grape harvest, so the price of lodging and transportation service is usually higher.If you are interested in traveling during this season, we recommend you book everything at least 4 months in advance. Between November and April the season is cooler, you can find rain and dry but beautiful vineyards for some good photos about the season. Even about the weather, the gastronomy is still delicious and you find some vineyards open for tastings. In August we have our harvest festivals and the most exclusive events of the year, with the best chefs and wine houses. If you are interested in attending any of these events, you must plan your trip in advance in order to find a place.Get to know the cycles of the vine:
  • How to dress?
    We recommend bringing comfortable and fresh clothing, although it depends a lot on the date you visit us. Above all, footwear must be comfortable, depending on your itinerary you may walk a lot during the day and it means being in the field (terracería) all day.We do not recommend wearing heels or sandals. We recommend bringing a sun hat and using plenty of sunscreen. Find on Pinterest some ideas clothing.
  • Is it necessary to plan ahead and book?
    Yes, completely. If you want to visit the best places and do the best activities, we recommend you visit Valle de Guadalupe with a planned itinerary and with all your reservations confirmed. Many of the places in the Valley tend to fill up very quickly, especially in high season and on weekends. There is a lot to know and we don't want you to miss any details, in most places advance reservation is required. Take some time to create your itinerary and us We take care of your reservations.Recommended time to start planning: 4 months.If you plan your trip with less time, don't worry, we can help you.
  • Is the Valley recommended for children?
    The Valle de Guadalupe is for everyone, some places do accept minors and you can also search for activities for them. It all depends on the objective of your trip, if what you are looking for is to drink a lot of wine and party, it is not recommended to travel with minors. If your trip is family style, of course we can recommend activities and places for the whole family. But based on a recommendation, it is better to visit the Valley without minors.
  • Payment methods
    Valley accepts payments in Mexican pesos and dollars. Most places accept card payments but not all places accept American Express. Because you are in Valle, the signal may fail, so these are our recommendations: - Before leaving on a trip or from your hotel it is preferable to unblock your card in case the signal is not good. - It is preferable to have emergency cash in case the place does not accept cards or they have problems with their terminal. - It is difficult to find ATMs in the valley (they are scarce) so to avoid setbacks we recommend coming prepared with cash. - If you visit us from another country, we recommend notifying your bank in advance to avoid blockages.
  • Is it better to stay in Ensenada or Valle?
    Totally your choice. We will recommend several options in both locations since both have many accommodations that you might like. We help you choose the best lodging based on your tastes, needs and times.
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