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Landmarks in Ensenada

Ensenada, also known as "The beautiful Cinderella of the Pacific" and "The Capital of Mexican Wine" is undoubtedly a tourist city with much to offer its visitors from all over the world.

If your next destination is to meet her, then we leave you this list of places you have to visit. 1.- La Bufadora. did you know that we have the second largest marine geyser in the world? A phenomenon that occurs due to the entry of pressure in a cave that is located at the base of the reef, accumulating air, thus achieving a jet of water more than 30 m high. A wonder that we have in Mexico and that you have to visit. 2.- Hussongs. Place that Marilyn Monroe visited. One of the oldest cantinas in Ensenada, full of stories and legends, founded since 1892. La Cantina Hussongs, is one of the two canteens that dispute the honor of inventing the famous drink "Margarita". We do not know, but it is clear to us that if you want to know more about Ensenada and its people, you need to visit this place. 3.- Bar Andaluz. One of the most emblematic places in Ensenada.

If you are visiting the social, civic and cultural center Riviera, you have to stop by to try the extensive menu of drinks offered by Bar Andaluz. In addition to maintaining the essence of the bars and canteens of the old Ensenada. And do you remember that there are two places claiming to be the creators of the “Margarita” drink? Bar Andaluz a is one of them. 4.- La Guerrerense. Seafood cart at the foot of the street. Ensenada is recognized for its great gastronomy, and in seafood, the tostadas that Mrs. Sabina Bandera prepares are recognized throughout Mexico. So all Ensenadenses know that if you came here, it is necessary to stop by and eat a toast in the “La Guerrerense” cart. 5.- Craft breweries. Baja California is doing an excellent job of producing high-quality craft beers. This culture is becoming relevant in our country and we are proud to be a city that represents this experience with excellence. Here is a list of some breweries we recommend: Agua Mala Wendlant Tasting Room Transpeninsular Brewery 6.- The Malecon. Fresh breeze and an unparalleled view. Located in front of the coastal boulevard, the boardwalk offers you a spectacular view of the Bay. With incredible sunsets, you can take a walk, a boat ride or simply witness the imposing Mexican flag. A recommended space to spend time with the family. Ensenada is a city rich in culture, tradition and history, with places that you can enjoy and thus live an unforgettable stay.


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